Aquaponic is “a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic creatures supplies the nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.” In this project we have two big goals: self sustain/running system and implementing it to rural area. To achieve this goal we started with background research to further our knowledge about the system as a whole and we learned many things. After deep research we gather the team to create prototypes for the aquaponics. After a long process we came up with a final design with specific measurement and material. Then we work on constructing the aquaponic with siphon and filter. Soon we will add fish and crops.

Bike Business

  In this exploration, I have an opportunity to be a bike tour guide where we tour tourist to see the countryside lifestyle that only located around two kilometers away from Phnom Penh. We divided our exploration into three group, marketing, tour guide and business plan, and in the team, we have different goals to accomplish. Tour guide is my group and our two big goals are to create tour stops and research information about the stop for the bike tour guide to share the knowledge of Cambodia to the others. The second one is to create a tour guide cause for anyone in our school that want to become a tour guide to learn and become a formal tour guide. In the exploration, we found 12 stops and its information. We did some research and interview to get the best information for each stop and the route. The route for the whole tour is 22 kilometers and it takes about 5 hours to finish the tour with the stops, riding a bike, enjoying some food and snack and crossing the ferry. I earn very valuable knowledge from this exploration because I get to learn how to be a confident person, problem-solving and also learn how to run a successful business. The good news is that we have 11 customers in our official launch and as a tour guide I earn around $20 on my first official tour.

Waste Management

Waste Management is one of the exploration that trying to work on a better solution that helps to recycle the waste in a community and in an environment. Our goal is that to recycle the organic waste into fertilizer. In the exploration we need to learn about the business plane; how to implement this idea into a real business so it can sustain. Also, we need to learn to make a good fertilizer from organic waste because if you don’t have a good product your business will bankrupt. To learn about the process of creating the fertilizer, our group went to an organization that makes fertilizer from organic waste in Battambang, Cambodia. One thing that we already did before we went to Battambang is that we already made fertilizer and we can make it by researching online.  Going to Battambang really help us to understand what we did good and what we did wrong and need to improve also we learned a lot of information about fertilizer and market for our product. Coming back to Liger and now our compost is finish so we can test it with plants and see our fertilizer quality. We know that the fertilizer is not the best but it is very good fertilizer that can use for planting.

Developing government curriculum (Bambujaya)

My first time to be a consultant and my first time to develop the government curriculum!  At the start of the exploration we were told that we will design and improve the grade one government curriculum. After finish developing/improving the curriculum the school named Bambujaya will uses our developed curriculum to teach their students and also the teaching will be more engaging because a lot of hand on activities have been added to the curriculum. Not only Bambujaya can access to the books but if our book really works well the government will use it for Cambodia curriculum. 

Our first question before we started to develop the curriculum is how can we make the grade one curriculum to be a great resources to study and also how can we make the book more engaging so students want to learn more from the book and feel excited for the next lesson.  To reach our goal first we made some connections between what are some of the activities that we liked and why we liked it. We used that to see what can we improve in the curriculum.  One thing that stand out and we want to improve through out the book is to add hands-on activities because there are very few examples that the curriculum connect to hands-activities.  By implementing the hands-on activities the students we have more fun, simultaneously they collaborate and use critical thinking.

After setting a strong plan of what we want to change in the book, we started to edit and add-on into three grade one books (Social study/science, Khmer, and math).  We went through the whole three books and we did a lot of deleting and adding idea into the books. Two of the problems in the books and the problem appear very rapidly is that the pictures is not good enough and gender inequality. After four weeks my group went through the whole three books but we didn’t really see any progress in term of changing the contents.  We know that edited throughout the book but mostly only picture and gender equality and not the content itself. We kind of upset and stressful because almost every contents stayed the same.  After having a stressful time we figure one idea that we should only focus on one or two lessons from every book so we can do a big change in the lesson. We followed the idea we edited in Khmer lesson, Math, and social and science. We finish about 6 lessons from 3 books and now the lessons have a lot of hand-on activities, good contents and we think that the kid will like the lessons. 

We finish editing the 6 lessons but it time for the ideas to be distributed to our clients (Babujaya). It is very hard time for us because if they like our idea they will hire a curriculum developer to do all the edit for the whole three books and also they will work with us to do more editing for other grades but if they don’t like the lesson that we’re already changed they will stop work with us.

They love it! They think that the idea is credible and they want to work with us more. If this work, the curriculum that my team and I edited, this will be uses as the books to teach in ,$4000-$5000, official school in PP. Also the curriculum can also be implements to government curriculum all around Cambodia.   



Game Design

There are three blocks of board game exploration and I’m in the second round.  In second block we didn’t work on finding what is the game and how it going to look like but we worked on the mechanic of the game what is the rules? what are the steps to play? How can we make it so it is learning while having fun? During that block, we created all the rule that our team thought of and implement it in the real game. It not perfect, so after the rules and steps created will play and finding an improvement to fix and develop. We ran the same trial a couple time just play and fix the problem. After found out that the game is good enough to play we took it and give the government students to play. But that time there were more problems because the students didn’t have a lot of experience playing the board game. That time we needed to work a lot harder to help them to understand the game and to fix the problem that they had also. We did a couple trial again but with the government students. After the mechanic is developed it time for a second to design pieces and make it into the real game.  

Preventative Health

When I grow up I don’t want to be a doctor but this exploration give me a chance to experience it. This exploration we have a goal to help to prevent people from some health problem. We focus on healthy eating and dental problem. Before we we teach other people to eat healthy and take care of the teeth we need to learn about it too. We learn from internet, doctors, and organisation. We combined dental problem and healthy eating to make one play. In the play we got many characters and they got out fit too. There are bacteria, water, vegetable, and some other. I am a bacteria and I got to design my own outfit. The play talk about one boy and one girl not take care of there health so they got health problem. So they need to learn from doctor to become healthier. Get have product to share about dental and healthy eating but where do we share them? My teacher deside to go to Koh Rong because it an island and they are have very hard time with their health problem and also they got no professional doctors on the island. So nearly the end of the exploration we went there to teach them. The thing that I like the most about the trip is that we not only go there to teach also we learn. We learn about live style and also marine live. We teach to two school, it was great and fun they are friendly and also they seem to focus to what we trying to tell. On the trip I got chance to scupper dive, snookering and swing. We snooker to see  sea grasses, and coral reefs. My favorite animals is octopus and sea horse, they look amazing. So at the last day everyone not so happy because they need to come back to our school Liger. I miss Koh Rong but I still feel good coming back to Liger and see my friend again.

DJI_0037 DJI_0025

Khmer Rouge

This is the exploration that I can learn about Cambodia Genocide and it call Khmer Rouge. Khmer Rouge is one of the worst things that happen in Cambodia history.  We only focus on general idea and the thing that happen before Khmer Rouge ex: agriculture, sports, and economic. We have many trips to learn about Khmer Rouge and in that places we got a lot of information. I learn a lot about Khmer Rouge one of the worst information that I know is that about 1.7 million of people have been killed during Khmer Rouge. In addition most of people who have good education and if Khmer Rouge know they will kill you.

The last project that we do is we perform compare the daily life between kids living situation before Khmer Rouge and the kids live in Khmer Rouge, the challenge, what they do and family. We do this because we want them to have long memory about what happen before Khmer Rouge and during Khmer Rouge. It works very well because some people even crying.

We go to Court that working on Khmer Rouge genocide and what we do to high ranking people in KR.

image2  IMG_5076





Here is my second round exploration call entrepreneurship. We divided into three teams and my team call market research. We do many research in this group but the main thing that we research about is bottle. In the group we try to research bottle where it is and how can we get it. Then we try to research where is in Cambodia. The result is no bottle factory in Cambodia or we can’t even buy any bottle in Cambodia to packaging our products. Then we try to find the business that use the bottle to packaging their products. We find the company call Coco Khmer. This company they sell coconuts oil and some other staff from coconuts. Then we go and interview, we find very good information. We find were they get it from, how they get it here also we find out the price of some of the bottles. Then after that our teacher go to Thailand where the shop is and he come back with 12 samples. Then in Sharation we ask the visitor to give us some idea witch one look nice to package the chili sauce.

Prodction     Chili Sauce!!!!!



I use to be in robotic before and now I do it again. This robotic for me it special then the first robotic first time. One reason is that this exploration we choose by our own and we decide what should we do. The last reason is that I am the mentor including three other people and I can teach other student. In this exploration the sad thing is that student can go to Singapore competition including one mentor but very find I still like it. Mentors teach them how to build and program and some other strategy. They did very well in class and going to Singapore. In class they can create the project very well and they to the robot challenge very too. Then they went to Singapore the result very well and the students are very happy.

IMG_20160305_075652 IMG_20160305_075742



VIP it is exploration that stand for Visitor Information Palest and  we make it from. In our group we work a lot in designing our Liger map including our news campus. We design it in 3D design. It very hard to design but let least we can learn it from the teacher in expertise. We divided in four groups and we design the building and do other staff. We spent almost all the time in our exploration makng the building it very hard as I mention, trust me. Then some people design the VIP room by painting and some people organizing what going to go in our VIP. In VIP room talk generally about Liger and also we guide the visitor when they come to our Sharation.