Leading Extension

On Friday after school, some of the students will come and play a game together. It calls League of Legend and the extension lead by me and one of my friend. Our idea is that on Friday it kind of relaxing day and we want to have some fun with our friends so we create this extension to met our goal. The extension kinds of really work, the players that participated felt very joyful but one problem is we didn’t have enough time. So our solution is to come to the extension as early as possible and it improved but not much. But everyone that participate including me learns and have a lot of fun together. One thing that I really like about playing game is that it really help you to learn how to work with people it can be your friend or completely new people. By playing game I learn how to understand people and their perspective toward me. I believe that people think that game is really bad for our self but I also believe that game also can really help you if you spend your time correctly in the game.  


I love learning how countries develop

I love learning how countries get out of poverty

I love learning how countries fall and what they did wrong

I love to be a part of Macroeconomic class. This is a 7 weeks long class and unluckily only 1 hour per week. In the class, we mainly focus on countries or region about growth and drop in economic. We learn about GDP, GNP, unemployment rate, currency and some complicated idea that really hard for me. One of the idea that I really like is that when there is a sharp drop or increase in GDP usually there are some reasons behind it like when WW 1 and WW 2; you can see clearly the drop in GDP of US during that war period. Also, something that I never learn but really want to understand more about is STOCK; how it works? and how can we earn money from it?    


Creative Technology



Problem solving


Creative thinking

This is the fives word that I use to describe the expertise called Creative Technology.  This is one of the hardest expertise that I ever participate because there a lot of new things for me to learn. To design a good remote control car, my team and I need to learn how to program, learn to recognize components, also learn how to do wiring between one component to the other. All of this skills I have never know before so this bring me to put more effort and give me to explore more things that might interest me and this project really made me felt interested.  Even though our remote control car didn’t work because the motors don’t have enough torque we learned a lot from this expertise. I learn the steps to create a remote control car, I learn to be more patient so I can solve the problem and also I learn how to program so the control car will follow us by just clicking buttons.  One of the things that I really like about this expertise is that all remote control cars can’t move even though we have the program and the design for it but all teams didn’t give up, they try their best to solve the problem weather change the design or finding a new solution. This is the hardest expertise the I experience but if there another one just like this I would love to join and be a part of the experience.    


My Favorite book

On the summer one of my favorite books was Price of Prejudice. It was a wonderful book that encouraged me to read and don’t want to stop. It also one of my favorite book of time. It includes many problems that the world face example right now like classes. The book tells us about the past when the women don’t do any work and they want to marry a rich husband so they will live happily. In that time women not really think about the man look or even how unacceptable the man is. The number one thing is money and they think it will bring happiness. Sometimes the daughters don’t want to marry but their parents force them to marry. So the result is usually is family disaster and violence.
So the book Price of Prejudice starts with introducing Mr. Bunnet’s family. Mr. Bunnet lives with his wife and the five wonderful daughters. The first daughter name Jane and the second name Elizabeth. The third daughter of Mr. Bunnet is a very serious girl so Mrs. Bunnet never expects her third daughter to get married anytime soon. The last two daughters are too silly and they will love anyone that comes in their mind. Mrs. Bennet is a very worried mom, Mrs. afraid that the five daughters will not get married. Also, Mrs. Bunnet children are count as the most beautiful girls in the town. Also, all the daughters want to marry a rich man. If they a fine man it will be great for the daughters but if they only rich they the daughters might decide to marry the man anyway. Luckily they’re a news that informs Mrs. Bunnet that there will be a rich man that comes to visit her town. Mrs. Bunnet feeling crazy about the news and she wants all the family to join the event. But Mr. Bennet rejects the request of him joining. Mr. Bunnet is a learning father that like to be quiet and stay at home reading books. The event starts at a night and everyone dancing with each other and enjoy talking around. Mr. Bingley seems to like Jane a lot and he dances with Jane two time and he did not do that to anyone else. But Bingley is not the man that the girls most interest about. The man that looks much richer and also more handsome name Stacy. That night he didn’t dance with anyone in the room and he tells to Elizabeth that all people in here are just countryside people and he doesn’t want to mess with anyone in here. Elizabeth kind of angry to Stacy with what he told her but she pretends that she doesn’t care at all. So the night is over and when all the Mr. Bunnet family arrived home Elizabeth and Jane start to talk about how fabulous and kind Bingley are and how rude and inappropriate Stacy are. So the day past and Mr. Bingley and Jane start to like each other. After a while, Mr. Bingley invites Jane to the dinner at his home. Unluckily the weather is so bad that makes Jane sicks so Elizabeth needs to go to Mr. Bingley to looks after her sister. She arrives during the raining time and she clothes soak with mud. Elizabeth visits the room that Jane stayed in and Jane tells her that she just catch a cold it okay. The dinner starts but Jane stayed upstairs and Elizabeth Mets Stacy again. Stacy notices that Elizabeth is a kind girl and have a good manner so Stacy asks Elizabeth to dances with him at the night time but Elizabeth rejects. That makes Stacy very wonder why would a countryside girl rejects such a good chance. After Jane recovers her sickness Jane and Elizabeth go back to her home. After sickness they face one problem that say a country has the laws and a town the laws as well and one of the problems that Mr. Bunnet family have is that when Mr. Bunnet dies all the property will go to the son but Mr. Bunnet has no son so they need to give it to the closest relative. The close relative man will have all the property and after that the come and visit Mr. Bunnet’s family. He stays for some days and no one sure that when will he leaves. But one thing that important is that no one like him, not the fact that he steals all the property but he is a crazy man. The man comes to the house is not about property but he wants to marry women. One thing we need to remember is that he is crazy and old. The first time he wants to make a proposal to Jane but Mrs. Bunnet tell him that she might engage soon. He asks Mrs. Bunnet about the last two daughters but Mrs. Bunnet replies back and tells him that they don’t even turn to be 18 yet. So his goal is the third but she is too serious and she doesn’t want to marry. So the last choice is Elizabeth. So the day after he makes proposal to Elizabeth and says that he doesn’t want all the property to go far always he wants it to be one of the daughter property. Elizabeth rejects the proposal after Mrs. Bunnet heard about the news she goes crazy and tells Mr. Bunnet that he needs to make Elizabeth marries him because he is rich. No matter what Mr. Bunnet hate him also so he tells Elizabeth that if she marries the man he will die much sooner. Later on there a letter from Elizabeth best friend that said she is marrying to the man that proposed to Elizabeth and the reason is that her family face a big cash problem. Not so long after that there another sad news from Bingley’s sister saying goodbye also they leave the town and go to London and don’t want to come back anytime soon. Jane turns to be sad again so she decides to go to London and find Bingley. Not a while long Elizabeth so worries so she moves to London as well. Elizabeth stays with the gardener and she meets Mr. Wickham she knew him before and he also knows about Stacy. Wickham tells her that Stacy took everything from him even a house and money and all the property. Not a while longer there is bad news about Stacy again and the news is that Stacy tries to make Bingley and Jane stay always from each other. When Elizabeth arrives London and she met Stacy. It is very unexpected moment Stacy makes a proposal to Elizabeth. And the answer is no but this time she did it much crueler than the other guy that propose her before that. Elizabeth rejects because she knows only bad part about him and she tells Stacy about all the things she know about what Stacy did wrong. After that day, Stacy left and gave a letter to Elizabeth. The letter tell about the proposal also he explain the truth. Number one is that Wickham is very tricky and untrusted person, when Stacy’s Dad died Wickham use all the property on girl and gambling and he owe to a lot of people also Stacy payed all the cash for Wickham and bring him to be a leader of army. Second thing is that first time he thinks that Jane got no love intention for Bigley so he doesn’t want his friend to be too late and feeling heartbroken so I try to make them stay always from each other. Also he admits that it is his fault. All the information that Stacy tells Elizabeth is all true everyone that know Wickham knows that. So the day past and Elizabeth just traveling around the city and somehow she passed a very big house that not in the town and it is Stacy house again. She just stays for a while their a information from people stay in the house that say our wonderful Mr. Stacy will comes back soon. When Stacy arrives Elizabeth kind of look a little differently for Stacy now. They spent some time together but there another heartbroken news that the youngest sister name Lydia ran always from home with Wickham. The purpose of Wickham is to get cash from Lydia and everyone know. Everyone are extremely worry. Not soon later there’s a letter from Lydia that say they are happily married. The gardener that Elizabeth stay with know why the two of them have a impossible married. They decide that they will tell Elizabeth that Stacy paid all the money that Wickham owe after being commander of army to other people and make the agreement that Wickham needs to marry Lydia. After that Elizabeth knows the truth and now they fall in love again so Jane, Mr. Bingley, Elizabeth and Stacy will marry on the same day. So after that Elizabeth has a wonderful live and Mrs. Bunnet dream that she wants all of her daughters to marry is nearly come true.

Theme: Love doesn’t come from classes. Ex. Elizabeth kind of poor family that has no income and Stacy like a god that have all the things but at last they marry to each other happily.
-You can’t judge a book by its cover. Ex. Elizabeth makes prediction about how bad is Stacy without know the truth.

Ap Statistic

In math class this year (2017-2018) we are taking an AP Statistic course. This is really hard for me because it requires a lot of writing for open response questions and the writing part is not my strength also this course is created for college level and I study in the second language. The course takes about a year to finish and we need to work really hard to be on our plan and it takes me more time than other classmate because of the reading. One of hardest contents that make we really confuse is Logarithm, on the other hand, one of the most favorites contents is Z score because it really requires a lot of calculation.


Black Hole and White Hole

During class period our teacher assigned us to work and do some research about the black hole and white hole so we can give a presentation to our classmate to improve their understanding of the idea. I was in a team of threes including me; we divided job to a particular member of our team and what we need to do to reach our goal. For me I did some research on what is a black hole, it apparent, and how it created. I was really enjoyed while doing some research about how it created. One of my favorite statement in my research said “After the black hole star explodes for 1 second it will create 100 times, more than the energy that sun will produce for it whole life spend.

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Pchum Ben

Pchum Ben is one of the biggest Cambodia’s ceremonies it happens during  September. It a ceremony that makes most of Cambodian stop from doing work and comes with their family and goes to the pagoda. They believe that all the relative that died will go to hell or heaven but for the relative that goes to hell, they don’t have enough food to serve themselves. People believe going to the pagoda and pray to the relative will help the relative that goes to hell from hunger. Also it a way that will help the monks from starving because it a rainy season and the monks can’t go and gather the food for themselves. I know all this information be doing the research in Khmer class.


English Literacy is one of the hardest subjects for me because I learn it as my second language. I think when I’m in the class it really hard for me to write any paper by using correct grammar and following the standard writing, including wording and sentence structure. One of the things that I really like about this year in literacy class is that our teacher gave us to write about the event anytime in the past when you felt that it helped you to become a mature and a more adult looking person. When I write the paper it really helps me to reflects, how I become more mature and why the event really important for me to understand and learn from it. Not only I can understand myself better but it really helps me with my English writing.

Waste Management

Waste Management is one of the exploration that trying to work on a better solution that helps to recycle the waste in a community and in an environment. Our goal is that to recycle the organic waste into fertilizer. In the exploration we need to learn about the business plane; how to implement this idea into a real business so it can sustain. Also, we need to learn to make a good fertilizer from organic waste because if you don’t have a good product your business will bankrupt. To learn about the process of creating the fertilizer, our group went to an organization that makes fertilizer from organic waste in Battambang, Cambodia. One thing that we already did before we went to Battambang is that we already made fertilizer and we can make it by researching online.  Going to Battambang really help us to understand what we did good and what we did wrong and need to improve also we learned a lot of information about fertilizer and market for our product. Coming back to Liger and now our compost is finish so we can test it with plants and see our fertilizer quality. We know that the fertilizer is not the best but it is very good fertilizer that can use for planting.

About Me

Welcome to a life of 15-year-old teen; my name is David I was born in a rural province in Cambodia name Kampong Thom but by trying hard and putting all effort in learning I got very surprising opportunity to come and Learn in a wonderful school in Phnom Penh. As a teen, I think the stronger education that I get will shape my future in a variety of skills.

Now I am a student, friend and a person that have full of the variety of personality. I really love being a humor, socialize, creative and unique and it really helps me to create a stronger relationship. I really value people and environment around me, they bring me to be happier, enjoyable and also be a mirror to see myself and who I am.

I believe in education
I believe that education can change a person’s personality
I believe that education will lead to a more better change
And education that has the best offer of experience can lead students and learner to be in a better situation to understand real life. I think Liger is the school that provides me a learning style that you have a stronger touch to the real experience. One thing that I really love about my school is that Liger not provides you only in the classes but Liger give you experience from real life anywhere/anytime to make the best outcome of your future. I think to move to Senior Campus emphasize the experience that I get to lead me to a better future. When I moved to Senior Campus I think it really teaches me how to be a person like how to cook, collaborating, making a decision and solving the problem by not calling someone else’s help.

This is what my personality.