Here is the my exploration name STEM and it the fourth round exploration. In STEM we work with project-based leaning group to implement our project-based learning (PBL) to government school. In class we learn some about PBL and create our own definition also we translate it to Khmer. This how we can implement PBL project to: first our teacher go to Kratie to ask how many teacher interesting in our PBL project. Their four teachers in high school that are interesting to PBL project but they request one thing that when we do our PBL project they want it to relate to their learning curriculum right now. Then our Liger teachers and government teacher decided to choose four topic. There are physic, biology, women right in society, and history. I am in physic (the teacher divide the team )and we talk about potential and kinetic energy that are relate to grade 8 curriculum right now. In my group we got teacher to teach us to get more understanding about our main point. Then we research what are some of our main idea relate to real life. Then we come up with some idea like swing shot, pendulum, and some other stuff. Then we went to Kratie with PBL group and project evaluation group. Then we go to high school and we implemented our PBL project by using the main point for example: our physics project, how can we use the project follow PBL learning not just by learning in the class.

Here are some picture when we in Kratie High School.

DSC_0169 DSC_0196