Ministry day

Ministry day is one of the best day for Liger student share our knowing and what we had done. I am in STEAM in action. STEAM is mean science, technology, engineering, art, and math. I am so happy that I can teach the director of the school come from all around Phnom Penh. Our team tell them how we can use roller coaster to help our learning. For example we build the roller coaster and it can’t go up the hill why it can’t go because don’t have enough potential energy. We present well because we had practices many time. First time I kind of scare and I don’t want to present but when I present to them, they are kind and nice it make me feel better. When I present they got every question that make our group hard to answer .We got 25 minute to present to each team and we got seven team. When we hear sound of bell no matter what we do we need to move them all to our group.