I love learning how countries develop

I love learning how countries get out of poverty

I love learning how countries fall and what they did wrong

I love to be a part of Macroeconomic class. This is a 7 weeks long class and unluckily only 1 hour per week. In the class, we mainly focus on countries or region about growth and drop in economic. We learn about GDP, GNP, unemployment rate, currency and some complicated idea that really hard for me. One of the idea that I really like is that when there is a sharp drop or increase in GDP usually there are some reasons behind it like when WW 1 and WW 2; you can see clearly the drop in GDP of US during that war period. Also, something that I never learn but really want to understand more about is STOCK; how it works? and how can we earn money from it?    


Creative Technology



Problem solving


Creative thinking

This is the fives word that I use to describe the expertise called Creative Technology.  This is one of the hardest expertise that I ever participate because there a lot of new things for me to learn. To design a good remote control car, my team and I need to learn how to program, learn to recognize components, also learn how to do wiring between one component to the other. All of this skills I have never know before so this bring me to put more effort and give me to explore more things that might interest me and this project really made me felt interested.  Even though our remote control car didn’t work because the motors don’t have enough torque we learned a lot from this expertise. I learn the steps to create a remote control car, I learn to be more patient so I can solve the problem and also I learn how to program so the control car will follow us by just clicking buttons.  One of the things that I really like about this expertise is that all remote control cars can’t move even though we have the program and the design for it but all teams didn’t give up, they try their best to solve the problem weather change the design or finding a new solution. This is the hardest expertise the I experience but if there another one just like this I would love to join and be a part of the experience.    



Here is my expertise call Photography and we learn about how to capture the photo. In this learning we want to improve our skill in taking picture because we have a lot of things that need to capture by camera like trip projects and other events. How our expertise work in class we learn about one thing then we practice.

Here are some pictures our students capture.

IMG_4482 IMG_4488 IMG_4490    IMG_4483





The graph I make
The graph I make



Rice production

This when I in economic class and what I do in class.

The graph show the Demand change or shift. The thing that make the graph shift out is Taste/preference. The graph of Demand rice is shift out. The reason that make the graph of Demand shift rice out because the people they need more.They need more food the reason is they hard to grow.The first equilibrium point when it $6 they can sale 135 Kg. The second equilibrium point the price of supply increase to $7 and the quantity of rice increase to 155 Kg.

The link of the graph

Human History Description

Name of Course: Human History


Learning Facilitator: Max


Number of Students: 7


Days we Meet: Monday/Tuesday

Advanced Enrichment Dates: October 20-January 16

Course Description: In our Advanced Enrichment we were learning about Human History. Human History means how people began to come to live in the Earth and how many years that people have been living in the Earth. We learned how our ancestors had different from us and how they lived in the Earth. Our ancestors were chimpanzees. Chimpanzees were so different from us because because they walked by four legs and humans were bipedales. Other thing that is different was that the chimpanzees were living on the trees and humans lived in the house on the land. We looked on timelines from zero years until now. We compared from zero years until now how it different. At zero years it was just land with mountains and we learned about what was the first species of human that lived on the Earth. Now it have lots of animals that live on the Earth and now it have technology which before didn’t have. On the timeline we could know what were the first organisms that lived in the Earth. The first organisms that lived in the Earth were bacterias. We learned what was happening before Christ and what was happening after Christ. We had four important keywords. They were evolution, adaptation, reproduce and generation. Each word helped us to study about our Advanced Enrichment. Evolution means how people changed over time. Example: humans have changed their living because at the past humans didn’t know how to grow plants, but over time humans adapted to grow the plants because they didn’t have the food to eat. In our class we talked a lot about generation and how humans changed over generations. We asked our friends how old were they, then we asked about the mother’s age and then we took their mother’s age minus their age. So we could know when was their mother’s age when have baby. This is helpful to know because it helps us to learn about generation. If now I am 12 years old and my mother is 39 years old it means my mother had me when she was 27 years old.


Psychology Description

Name of Course: Psychology

Learning Facilitator: Caroline

Number of Students: 13

Days we Meet: Monday/Tuesday

Advanced Enrichment Dates: Session 1: August 12-October 17


Course Description: In our Advanced Enrichment we learned about psychology. Psychology means how someone felt and how they changed their behavior and attitude. We learned about body language. Body language means how someone acted could tell other people by not speaking anything. We looked at the students and thought that students were introvert or extrovert people. Introvert means animals that don’t want to be loud they are just serene. Extrovert means animals that like to do fun things and be loud animals. Other things we learned were about optimism and pessimism. Optimism means thinking a good thing. Pessimism means thinking bad things like some people give up. We learned about positive and negative behavior. Example: when the mom played with the baby she was positive and the baby was happy, but when the mom was negative (it means the mom made the straight face) and then the baby was crying and trying to make the mom play with them. We learned about children’s behavior. When we gave chocolate to children and then we said if you eat chocolate it okay, but if children wait the teacher will give more chocolate. Some of the students ate the chocolate because they thought that the teacher was cheating them. Some of them waited because they wanted more chocolate to eat. We watched three videos. First video we watched was about two monkeys working together to open the box to get the foods to eat.​ Second video we watched was about human have two monkeys and they gave one monkey a grape and other monkey a cookie and how they behaved. Third video we watched was about two people played cards to cheat the monkey and how it behaved.