One of the essentials for this year is chemistry and one of the things that we learn about in chemistry is emission. During the period we learn how different reaction between flame and salt give a different color. After the session, we did a mini experiment and this what we found.



Color of Flame (qualitative)

Wavelengths of light (in NM) (quantitative)

Barium Chloride Yellow 570
Calcium Chloride Orange 610
Copper (II) Chloride Green 612.5
Lithium Chloride Red 586.8
Potassium Chloride Light red 630
Strontium Chloride Pink, Red 589.4

Unknown #1

Light red 630


In addition to the data, I also get to drawn the map of our classroom.

Black Hole and White Hole

During class period our teacher assigned us to work and do some research about the black hole and white hole so we can give a presentation to our classmate to improve their understanding of the idea. I was in a team of threes including me; we divided job to a particular member of our team and what we need to do to reach our goal. For me I did some research on what is a black hole, it apparent, and how it created. I was really enjoyed while doing some research about how it created. One of my favorite statement in my research said “After the black hole star explodes for 1 second it will create 100 times, more than the energy that sun will produce for it whole life spend.

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