Cooking my own food!

When we move to new senior campus, things start to get harder. We need to clean our house by our own, managing money and, cooking. The school move us to new campus because they want us to prepare of living style for living with other people when we go to university. The thing that hard and the one I like about to new campus is cooking. First we need to order. It very hard to order the food because when we order sometime we forget stuff and also sometime we order more than what we expect. I like to cook because When you are cooking their is a variety of making mistakes and their are variety of fixing it. When we are cooking some of the things that we need to do to be safe are do not leave the knife in the sink because we can’t see them, don’t hold the knife and the edge of the knife facing to other people, and the last one that I can think of, is when their an fire you need to use the fire blanket. The thing that I like about cooking is that we can make the food that we like.

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