No women Drive TuK Tuk, Literacy


Tuk tuk is one of the best and most used transportation in Cambodia for tourist according to “” You don’t need to search for vehicles to go somewhere but the tuk-tuk will come and find you. You can move from block to block, town to town and even from one province to another the tuk-tuk driver is willing to take you there. But why there nearly no women being a tuk-tuk driver? And what are the effects on the economic of excluding women from driving tuk-tuk?


If tourists come and visit in Cambodia they can only see men tuk-tuk driver, men tour guide, men taxi driver and men pilot. One of the reasons women are excluded from those jobs because of environment and society. You can see tuk-tuk everywhere but it is extremely rare to see women driver because if women drive tuk-tuk they will be judged harshly. As a 10 years experienced tuk tuk driver Sophal said that “He never heard of any women tuk tuk driver.” And another tuk tuk driver also mentioned that “women are not brave enough and scare to do their work but some women that he knows and work as a tuk tuk driver are the women who experienced violent and harassed by their husband so they have no choice then work as tuk tuk driver.”  And this clearly show that there are very few women in Cambodia that drive tuk tuk compared to men.


Many types of research show that by including women into driving transportation including tuk tuk and allow women to take a position in the tourism industry will have a big impact on the economic. had clearly mentioned that “by allowing the entire country to drive could have a major economic effect.” This encourages particular economic areas to include women to be a driver or tuk tuk driver will help economic of any particular country including Cambodia.


As a developing country and also as a tourist country including both gender are very important. Also if we allow women to drive tuk tuk the tourist have a higher chance of being more sanctified and more cheerful than men because “Women tend to be warmer and friendlier than men.”


“Closing gender gaps in the labor market would raise GDP in the United States by 5 percent, in the United Arab Emirates by 12 percent, and in Egypt by 34 percent.” So how about Cambodia? Encourage women to drive to improve Cambodia.

Bike Business

  In this exploration, I have an opportunity to be a bike tour guide where we tour tourist to see the countryside lifestyle that only located around two kilometers away from Phnom Penh. We divided our exploration into three group, marketing, tour guide and business plan, and in the team, we have different goals to accomplish. Tour guide is my group and our two big goals are to create tour stops and research information about the stop for the bike tour guide to share the knowledge of Cambodia to the others. The second one is to create a tour guide cause for anyone in our school that want to become a tour guide to learn and become a formal tour guide. In the exploration, we found 12 stops and its information. We did some research and interview to get the best information for each stop and the route. The route for the whole tour is 22 kilometers and it takes about 5 hours to finish the tour with the stops, riding a bike, enjoying some food and snack and crossing the ferry. I earn very valuable knowledge from this exploration because I get to learn how to be a confident person, problem-solving and also learn how to run a successful business. The good news is that we have 11 customers in our official launch and as a tour guide I earn around $20 on my first official tour.

Frisbee in Kep

It was wonderful. And it was my first time to play Frisbee on a beach. And it was gracious time because our school had a Christmas break. 13 students from Liger and about 40 others participated in the event. He slept in the tents on a beach and we stayed in Kep for two days. We went on a bus and we arrived in Kep at around 1:00 PM. Our first day we played frisbee from 3:00 until around 9:30 after playing we need to find our own dinner and we ate fried ducks with rice. We stayed until 1:00 AM but we don’t feel tired because we were chatting and playing card. The morning was waiting and the tide of the sea raised about one meter it messed some tents but luckily not our. He found ourself food and at 8:00 AM we start to play. And the event end at around 11:00 AM and it time for us to go back to where we came from. It was really fun playing frisbee with friends and also finding new friends on the beach at the same time I had a lot of challenges like running on sand, the sand too hot, playing a really long time and you need to get yourself fed before you play frisbee. And if I have a chance I would love to be a part of this event again. again.

Sunset time!!
Group photo

Leading Extension

On Friday after school, some of the students will come and play a game together. It calls League of Legend and the extension lead by me and one of my friend. Our idea is that on Friday it kind of relaxing day and we want to have some fun with our friends so we create this extension to met our goal. The extension kinds of really work, the players that participated felt very joyful but one problem is we didn’t have enough time. So our solution is to come to the extension as early as possible and it improved but not much. But everyone that participate including me learns and have a lot of fun together. One thing that I really like about playing game is that it really help you to learn how to work with people it can be your friend or completely new people. By playing game I learn how to understand people and their perspective toward me. I believe that people think that game is really bad for our self but I also believe that game also can really help you if you spend your time correctly in the game.  


I love learning how countries develop

I love learning how countries get out of poverty

I love learning how countries fall and what they did wrong

I love to be a part of Macroeconomic class. This is a 7 weeks long class and unluckily only 1 hour per week. In the class, we mainly focus on countries or region about growth and drop in economic. We learn about GDP, GNP, unemployment rate, currency and some complicated idea that really hard for me. One of the idea that I really like is that when there is a sharp drop or increase in GDP usually there are some reasons behind it like when WW 1 and WW 2; you can see clearly the drop in GDP of US during that war period. Also, something that I never learn but really want to understand more about is STOCK; how it works? and how can we earn money from it?    


Creative Technology



Problem solving


Creative thinking

This is the fives word that I use to describe the expertise called Creative Technology.  This is one of the hardest expertise that I ever participate because there a lot of new things for me to learn. To design a good remote control car, my team and I need to learn how to program, learn to recognize components, also learn how to do wiring between one component to the other. All of this skills I have never know before so this bring me to put more effort and give me to explore more things that might interest me and this project really made me felt interested.  Even though our remote control car didn’t work because the motors don’t have enough torque we learned a lot from this expertise. I learn the steps to create a remote control car, I learn to be more patient so I can solve the problem and also I learn how to program so the control car will follow us by just clicking buttons.  One of the things that I really like about this expertise is that all remote control cars can’t move even though we have the program and the design for it but all teams didn’t give up, they try their best to solve the problem weather change the design or finding a new solution. This is the hardest expertise the I experience but if there another one just like this I would love to join and be a part of the experience.    


Ap Statistic

In math class this year (2017-2018) we are taking an AP Statistic course. This is really hard for me because it requires a lot of writing for open response questions and the writing part is not my strength also this course is created for college level and I study in the second language. The course takes about a year to finish and we need to work really hard to be on our plan and it takes me more time than other classmate because of the reading. One of hardest contents that make we really confuse is Logarithm, on the other hand, one of the most favorites contents is Z score because it really requires a lot of calculation.


Black Hole and White Hole

During class period our teacher assigned us to work and do some research about the black hole and white hole so we can give a presentation to our classmate to improve their understanding of the idea. I was in a team of threes including me; we divided job to a particular member of our team and what we need to do to reach our goal. For me I did some research on what is a black hole, it apparent, and how it created. I was really enjoyed while doing some research about how it created. One of my favorite statement in my research said “After the black hole star explodes for 1 second it will create 100 times, more than the energy that sun will produce for it whole life spend.

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English Literacy is one of the hardest subjects for me because I learn it as my second language. I think when I’m in the class it really hard for me to write any paper by using correct grammar and following the standard writing, including wording and sentence structure. One of the things that I really like about this year in literacy class is that our teacher gave us to write about the event anytime in the past when you felt that it helped you to become a mature and a more adult looking person. When I write the paper it really helps me to reflects, how I become more mature and why the event really important for me to understand and learn from it. Not only I can understand myself better but it really helps me with my English writing.