Here is my second round exploration call entrepreneurship. We divided into three teams and my team call market research. We do many research in this group but the main thing that we research about is bottle. In the group we try to research bottle where it is and how can we get it. Then we try to research where is in Cambodia. The result is no bottle factory in Cambodia or we can’t even buy any bottle in Cambodia to packaging our products. Then we try to find the business that use the bottle to packaging their products. We find the company call Coco Khmer. This company they sell coconuts oil and some other staff from coconuts. Then we go and interview, we find very good information. We find were they get it from, how they get it here also we find out the price of some of the bottles. Then after that our teacher go to Thailand where the shop is and he come back with 12 samples. Then in Sharation we ask the visitor to give us some idea witch one look nice to package the chili sauce.

Prodction     Chili Sauce!!!!!



I use to be in robotic before and now I do it again. This robotic for me it special then the first robotic first time. One reason is that this exploration we choose by our own and we decide what should we do. The last reason is that I am the mentor including three other people and I can teach other student. In this exploration the sad thing is that student can go to Singapore competition including one mentor but very find I still like it. Mentors teach them how to build and program and some other strategy. They did very well in class and going to Singapore. In class they can create the project very well and they to the robot challenge very too. Then they went to Singapore the result very well and the students are very happy.

IMG_20160305_075652 IMG_20160305_075742



VIP it is exploration that stand for Visitor Information Palest and  we make it from. In our group we work a lot in designing our Liger map including our news campus. We design it in 3D design. It very hard to design but let least we can learn it from the teacher in expertise. We divided in four groups and we design the building and do other staff. We spent almost all the time in our exploration makng the building it very hard as I mention, trust me. Then some people design the VIP room by painting and some people organizing what going to go in our VIP. In VIP room talk generally about Liger and also we guide the visitor when they come to our Sharation.


In my school all the students are Cambodian and we can speak English very well but our pronunciation are not so good. Then our teacher create the expertise call Pronunciation that help us to pronoun English better and better. I have very good luck because I can join that expertise two time a week. In this expertise we have three main rules when we speaking in public are speaker clearer, louder and slower. That is the three that can help us to be better at speaking English and pronunciation.


Here is my expertise call Photography and we learn about how to capture the photo. In this learning we want to improve our skill in taking picture because we have a lot of things that need to capture by camera like trip projects and other events. How our expertise work in class we learn about one thing then we practice.

Here are some pictures our students capture.

IMG_4482 IMG_4488 IMG_4490    IMG_4483




Trip to Kep

On Thursday we went to Kep and we went all teacher and student also a lot other stuff. We went their just want to have fun all together but it cost a lot of money. On the bus we have a lot of fun by singing and seeing beautiful green environment also a lot of people are sleeping almost from Phnom Penh to Kep. All students leave at mind day to go to Kep and we arrived in afternoon. Then we hiked up to the valley to the guest house about one Kilometer from the bus. When we arrived the guest house that in the middle of the forest we park our staff and we relax. In that guest house we don’t have electricity and we need to prepare our bed earlier because it hard to prepare when it dark. That evening we are very lucky because our dinner is pasta and I think it my favorite food. Then after dinner we played some football and we go to sleep. On Friday some people woke up a little bit early because some of us want to play football some people just walk around also we taking a shower early. Then we have breakfast and we come all student together to met about what we going to do. The day after we do many activities he learn about many things and we hike on the mountain what fun about hiking is that the group we need to do some of challenge of win ex: finding treasures. In that day we have fun and we also learn a lot about forest and ecosystem around us when we hiking. The last day is we make up and we travel to one small ice land call Rabbit Ice land. When we arrive we very enjoy of swimming and playing in beach.

DSC_2541 DSC_2562