Preventative Health

When I grow up I don’t want to be a doctor but this exploration give me a chance to experience it. This exploration we have a goal to help to prevent people from some health problem. We focus on healthy eating and dental problem. Before we we teach other people to eat healthy and take care of the teeth we need to learn about it too. We learn from internet, doctors, and organisation. We combined dental problem and healthy eating to make one play. In the play we got many characters and they got out fit too. There are bacteria, water, vegetable, and some other. I am a bacteria and I got to design my own outfit. The play talk about one boy and one girl not take care of there health so they got health problem. So they need to learn from doctor to become healthier. Get have product to share about dental and healthy eating but where do we share them? My teacher deside to go to Koh Rong because it an island and they are have very hard time with their health problem and also they got no professional doctors on the island. So nearly the end of the exploration we went there to teach them. The thing that I like the most about the trip is that we not only go there to teach also we learn. We learn about live style and also marine live. We teach to two school, it was great and fun they are friendly and also they seem to focus to what we trying to tell. On the trip I got chance to scupper dive, snookering and swing. We snooker to see  sea grasses, and coral reefs. My favorite animals is octopus and sea horse, they look amazing. So at the last day everyone not so happy because they need to come back to our school Liger. I miss Koh Rong but I still feel good coming back to Liger and see my friend again.

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