Going to Singapore

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AT airport

I was immediately so happy when I heard that I would go Singapore! The big reason why we went to Singapore is because my group wanted to join a robot competition. Soon I pictured Singapore. In my mind I saw the ocean around Singapore and it was so beautiful and the city had a lot of tall buildings.DSC_0955 (531x800)


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When I started to go on the airplane I was so happy and nervous because it was my first time to go on a plane. On the airplane I had five more friends and three teachers. I felt nervous because it was very high in the air and I thought, “If I fall off, what should I do?” On the airplane I played some minecraft and talked about what we were going to do in Singapore. Also, I asked some questions to my teacher, like  “Can I go to the sea or the playground?” but my teacher Max said, “I don’t think so.”

In Singapore airport

When I arrived in Singapore I felt so happy because the roads in Singapore are so beautiful. When we looked out of the taxi we saw the buildings and a lot of cars. Singapore has a lot of technology, like the robots in the airport that can talk by themselves and the train that can drive by itself.

In Singapore American school
In Singapore American school

We went to the Singapore American School because we wanted to learn more about  lego robotics. The students at Singapore American School taught us about the robot and shared about some competitions that they had done and some challenges that they had had. They tried very hard to explain some of their challenges to you. In Singapore American School I learned some robot programming that was very new to me and I tried some challenges that were hard for my team, like getting the people into any red place and making the houses higher than before.



The day before I competition we went to a museum. It was so amazing in the Singapore Science Museum.  For example, there was a ball that are always moving around the museum.  After I went to the museum I went to lunch and I could try other food, like fried noodles with only pepper, pizza and bread with strawberries.When I met my host family for the first time I felt a little bit nervous and I did not say anything to my host family. The only thing is, I needed to stay five days with my host family. At night I talked a little bit about Liger to my host family because I learned what they like and what they don’t like. At midnight, I played some games with the kids in my host family, like fantasy football, row the boat and  baseball.

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The first time at the competition my friends and I just went and tried to see if the robot was working or not. Then the next day we went for the real competition. The first thing we needed to do was present to the coaches about why we made that kind of robot. Then we took our robot to the competition table and our robot could move its hand up and down and  right to left. The robot needed to do a lot of things, like push the car to the red area, take the pet to the house and go across the hill.  

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On our last day we went to the clean water organization and boat hotel.  We also went to eat lunch on a hill in Singapore. When it was night time we went to the Singapore Zoo. At the zoo I could see lions, tigers, elephants and other animals. In the the zoo, I felt a little bit scared because I saw some alligators open their mouths at me and my host family. Then I went into the house of the fruit bats.

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UWC (United World College) is a school that has about 4000 students. UWC teaches many subjects. The thing that I liked in UWC was the library. It has more than 1000 books.


I felt a little bit sad when I was on the plane on my way back to Cambodia because I missed my host family, but I told myself, “Don’t be sad of changing because in your life there is always change.’’ Then I felt better and I could learn, “In life you are not always happy but you can’t let sad feelings stop you.”