America History

One of the areas that we cover in literacy this year is America history. We think learning about America history will help us to explore the world more also it will help us to be prepare for SAT. We did many reading, writing and discussing in this class about the history. This is one my my short poems about the history.


Why black was shot

Why black was fraught

Why black was bitted

For a crime that they did not committed


Life is not fair

Black given opinion was rare

So there no equality

Cause all the laws was for White-free.

No women Drive TuK Tuk, Literacy


Tuk tuk is one of the best and most used transportation in Cambodia for tourist according to “” You don’t need to search for vehicles to go somewhere but the tuk-tuk will come and find you. You can move from block to block, town to town and even from one province to another the tuk-tuk driver is willing to take you there. But why there nearly no women being a tuk-tuk driver? And what are the effects on the economic of excluding women from driving tuk-tuk?


If tourists come and visit in Cambodia they can only see men tuk-tuk driver, men tour guide, men taxi driver and men pilot. One of the reasons women are excluded from those jobs because of environment and society. You can see tuk-tuk everywhere but it is extremely rare to see women driver because if women drive tuk-tuk they will be judged harshly. As a 10 years experienced tuk tuk driver Sophal said that “He never heard of any women tuk tuk driver.” And another tuk tuk driver also mentioned that “women are not brave enough and scare to do their work but some women that he knows and work as a tuk tuk driver are the women who experienced violent and harassed by their husband so they have no choice then work as tuk tuk driver.”  And this clearly show that there are very few women in Cambodia that drive tuk tuk compared to men.


Many types of research show that by including women into driving transportation including tuk tuk and allow women to take a position in the tourism industry will have a big impact on the economic. had clearly mentioned that “by allowing the entire country to drive could have a major economic effect.” This encourages particular economic areas to include women to be a driver or tuk tuk driver will help economic of any particular country including Cambodia.


As a developing country and also as a tourist country including both gender are very important. Also if we allow women to drive tuk tuk the tourist have a higher chance of being more sanctified and more cheerful than men because “Women tend to be warmer and friendlier than men.”


“Closing gender gaps in the labor market would raise GDP in the United States by 5 percent, in the United Arab Emirates by 12 percent, and in Egypt by 34 percent.” So how about Cambodia? Encourage women to drive to improve Cambodia.

My Favorite book

On the summer one of my favorite books was Price of Prejudice. It was a wonderful book that encouraged me to read and don’t want to stop. It also one of my favorite book of time. It includes many problems that the world face example right now like classes. The book tells us about the past when the women don’t do any work and they want to marry a rich husband so they will live happily. In that time women not really think about the man look or even how unacceptable the man is. The number one thing is money and they think it will bring happiness. Sometimes the daughters don’t want to marry but their parents force them to marry. So the result is usually is family disaster and violence.
So the book Price of Prejudice starts with introducing Mr. Bunnet’s family. Mr. Bunnet lives with his wife and the five wonderful daughters. The first daughter name Jane and the second name Elizabeth. The third daughter of Mr. Bunnet is a very serious girl so Mrs. Bunnet never expects her third daughter to get married anytime soon. The last two daughters are too silly and they will love anyone that comes in their mind. Mrs. Bennet is a very worried mom, Mrs. afraid that the five daughters will not get married. Also, Mrs. Bunnet children are count as the most beautiful girls in the town. Also, all the daughters want to marry a rich man. If they a fine man it will be great for the daughters but if they only rich they the daughters might decide to marry the man anyway. Luckily they’re a news that informs Mrs. Bunnet that there will be a rich man that comes to visit her town. Mrs. Bunnet feeling crazy about the news and she wants all the family to join the event. But Mr. Bennet rejects the request of him joining. Mr. Bunnet is a learning father that like to be quiet and stay at home reading books. The event starts at a night and everyone dancing with each other and enjoy talking around. Mr. Bingley seems to like Jane a lot and he dances with Jane two time and he did not do that to anyone else. But Bingley is not the man that the girls most interest about. The man that looks much richer and also more handsome name Stacy. That night he didn’t dance with anyone in the room and he tells to Elizabeth that all people in here are just countryside people and he doesn’t want to mess with anyone in here. Elizabeth kind of angry to Stacy with what he told her but she pretends that she doesn’t care at all. So the night is over and when all the Mr. Bunnet family arrived home Elizabeth and Jane start to talk about how fabulous and kind Bingley are and how rude and inappropriate Stacy are. So the day past and Mr. Bingley and Jane start to like each other. After a while, Mr. Bingley invites Jane to the dinner at his home. Unluckily the weather is so bad that makes Jane sicks so Elizabeth needs to go to Mr. Bingley to looks after her sister. She arrives during the raining time and she clothes soak with mud. Elizabeth visits the room that Jane stayed in and Jane tells her that she just catch a cold it okay. The dinner starts but Jane stayed upstairs and Elizabeth Mets Stacy again. Stacy notices that Elizabeth is a kind girl and have a good manner so Stacy asks Elizabeth to dances with him at the night time but Elizabeth rejects. That makes Stacy very wonder why would a countryside girl rejects such a good chance. After Jane recovers her sickness Jane and Elizabeth go back to her home. After sickness they face one problem that say a country has the laws and a town the laws as well and one of the problems that Mr. Bunnet family have is that when Mr. Bunnet dies all the property will go to the son but Mr. Bunnet has no son so they need to give it to the closest relative. The close relative man will have all the property and after that the come and visit Mr. Bunnet’s family. He stays for some days and no one sure that when will he leaves. But one thing that important is that no one like him, not the fact that he steals all the property but he is a crazy man. The man comes to the house is not about property but he wants to marry women. One thing we need to remember is that he is crazy and old. The first time he wants to make a proposal to Jane but Mrs. Bunnet tell him that she might engage soon. He asks Mrs. Bunnet about the last two daughters but Mrs. Bunnet replies back and tells him that they don’t even turn to be 18 yet. So his goal is the third but she is too serious and she doesn’t want to marry. So the last choice is Elizabeth. So the day after he makes proposal to Elizabeth and says that he doesn’t want all the property to go far always he wants it to be one of the daughter property. Elizabeth rejects the proposal after Mrs. Bunnet heard about the news she goes crazy and tells Mr. Bunnet that he needs to make Elizabeth marries him because he is rich. No matter what Mr. Bunnet hate him also so he tells Elizabeth that if she marries the man he will die much sooner. Later on there a letter from Elizabeth best friend that said she is marrying to the man that proposed to Elizabeth and the reason is that her family face a big cash problem. Not so long after that there another sad news from Bingley’s sister saying goodbye also they leave the town and go to London and don’t want to come back anytime soon. Jane turns to be sad again so she decides to go to London and find Bingley. Not a while long Elizabeth so worries so she moves to London as well. Elizabeth stays with the gardener and she meets Mr. Wickham she knew him before and he also knows about Stacy. Wickham tells her that Stacy took everything from him even a house and money and all the property. Not a while longer there is bad news about Stacy again and the news is that Stacy tries to make Bingley and Jane stay always from each other. When Elizabeth arrives London and she met Stacy. It is very unexpected moment Stacy makes a proposal to Elizabeth. And the answer is no but this time she did it much crueler than the other guy that propose her before that. Elizabeth rejects because she knows only bad part about him and she tells Stacy about all the things she know about what Stacy did wrong. After that day, Stacy left and gave a letter to Elizabeth. The letter tell about the proposal also he explain the truth. Number one is that Wickham is very tricky and untrusted person, when Stacy’s Dad died Wickham use all the property on girl and gambling and he owe to a lot of people also Stacy payed all the cash for Wickham and bring him to be a leader of army. Second thing is that first time he thinks that Jane got no love intention for Bigley so he doesn’t want his friend to be too late and feeling heartbroken so I try to make them stay always from each other. Also he admits that it is his fault. All the information that Stacy tells Elizabeth is all true everyone that know Wickham knows that. So the day past and Elizabeth just traveling around the city and somehow she passed a very big house that not in the town and it is Stacy house again. She just stays for a while their a information from people stay in the house that say our wonderful Mr. Stacy will comes back soon. When Stacy arrives Elizabeth kind of look a little differently for Stacy now. They spent some time together but there another heartbroken news that the youngest sister name Lydia ran always from home with Wickham. The purpose of Wickham is to get cash from Lydia and everyone know. Everyone are extremely worry. Not soon later there’s a letter from Lydia that say they are happily married. The gardener that Elizabeth stay with know why the two of them have a impossible married. They decide that they will tell Elizabeth that Stacy paid all the money that Wickham owe after being commander of army to other people and make the agreement that Wickham needs to marry Lydia. After that Elizabeth knows the truth and now they fall in love again so Jane, Mr. Bingley, Elizabeth and Stacy will marry on the same day. So after that Elizabeth has a wonderful live and Mrs. Bunnet dream that she wants all of her daughters to marry is nearly come true.

Theme: Love doesn’t come from classes. Ex. Elizabeth kind of poor family that has no income and Stacy like a god that have all the things but at last they marry to each other happily.
-You can’t judge a book by its cover. Ex. Elizabeth makes prediction about how bad is Stacy without know the truth.


English Literacy is one of the hardest subjects for me because I learn it as my second language. I think when I’m in the class it really hard for me to write any paper by using correct grammar and following the standard writing, including wording and sentence structure. One of the things that I really like about this year in literacy class is that our teacher gave us to write about the event anytime in the past when you felt that it helped you to become a mature and a more adult looking person. When I write the paper it really helps me to reflects, how I become more mature and why the event really important for me to understand and learn from it. Not only I can understand myself better but it really helps me with my English writing.


In my school all the students are Cambodian and we can speak English very well but our pronunciation are not so good. Then our teacher create the expertise call Pronunciation that help us to pronoun English better and better. I have very good luck because I can join that expertise two time a week. In this expertise we have three main rules when we speaking in public are speaker clearer, louder and slower. That is the three that can help us to be better at speaking English and pronunciation.