Game Design

There are three blocks of board game exploration and I’m in the second round.  In second block we didn’t work on finding what is the game and how it going to look like but we worked on the mechanic of the game what is the rules? what are the steps to play? How can we make it so it is learning while having fun? During that block, we created all the rule that our team thought of and implement it in the real game. It not perfect, so after the rules and steps created will play and finding an improvement to fix and develop. We ran the same trial a couple time just play and fix the problem. After found out that the game is good enough to play we took it and give the government students to play. But that time there were more problems because the students didn’t have a lot of experience playing the board game. That time we needed to work a lot harder to help them to understand the game and to fix the problem that they had also. We did a couple trial again but with the government students. After the mechanic is developed it time for a second to design pieces and make it into the real game.