Khmer Rouge

This is the exploration that I can learn about Cambodia Genocide and it call Khmer Rouge. Khmer Rouge is one of the worst things that happen in Cambodia history.  We only focus on general idea and the thing that happen before Khmer Rouge ex: agriculture, sports, and economic. We have many trips to learn about Khmer Rouge and in that places we got a lot of information. I learn a lot about Khmer Rouge one of the worst information that I know is that about 1.7 million of people have been killed during Khmer Rouge. In addition most of people who have good education and if Khmer Rouge know they will kill you.

The last project that we do is we perform compare the daily life between kids living situation before Khmer Rouge and the kids live in Khmer Rouge, the challenge, what they do and family. We do this because we want them to have long memory about what happen before Khmer Rouge and during Khmer Rouge. It works very well because some people even crying.

We go to Court that working on Khmer Rouge genocide and what we do to high ranking people in KR.

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Changing Cambodia 2014-2015

In my school call Liger Learning Center we have our big goal is to change Cambodia in future. Anyway, we are already change Cambodia a lot how people learn and some of the things help with there knowledge and there future. One of the biggest thing that I did and it is make a lot of change in Cambodia is Animals Guide. Animals Guide is the group with thirteen students and we wrote information about animals that almost extinct in Cambodia(Tiger, elephant, and some other animals). Some of the basic steps are first we pick the species and we research about that species information, also there are about  100 species of animal and some of ecosystem(forest like, evergreen forest). We also have trip to interview people that are expect with animals. When we research we paint the animals that we get support from Art In Box. The last thing is we need to translate from English to Khmer because we want Cambodian students to learn about the animals. When we public it hard for student to buy there own books so we print the books, mugs, shirts and some other stuff to sell in big event. All the money that we get from the profit of selling products to print the books for the students that don’t have enough ability to have money to buy the books. The final book name is An Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia.