My Favorite book

On the summer one of my favorite books was Price of Prejudice. It was a wonderful book that encouraged me to read and don’t want to stop. It also one of my favorite book of time. It includes many problems that the world face example right now like classes. The book tells us about the past when the women don’t do any work and they want to marry a rich husband so they will live happily. In that time women not really think about the man look or even how unacceptable the man is. The number one thing is money and they think it will bring happiness. Sometimes the daughters don’t want to marry but their parents force them to marry. So the result is usually is family disaster and violence.
So the book Price of Prejudice starts with introducing Mr. Bunnet’s family. Mr. Bunnet lives with his wife and the five wonderful daughters. The first daughter name Jane and the second name Elizabeth. The third daughter of Mr. Bunnet is a very serious girl so Mrs. Bunnet never expects her third daughter to get married anytime soon. The last two daughters are too silly and they will love anyone that comes in their mind. Mrs. Bennet is a very worried mom, Mrs. afraid that the five daughters will not get married. Also, Mrs. Bunnet children are count as the most beautiful girls in the town. Also, all the daughters want to marry a rich man. If they a fine man it will be great for the daughters but if they only rich they the daughters might decide to marry the man anyway. Luckily they’re a news that informs Mrs. Bunnet that there will be a rich man that comes to visit her town. Mrs. Bunnet feeling crazy about the news and she wants all the family to join the event. But Mr. Bennet rejects the request of him joining. Mr. Bunnet is a learning father that like to be quiet and stay at home reading books. The event starts at a night and everyone dancing with each other and enjoy talking around. Mr. Bingley seems to like Jane a lot and he dances with Jane two time and he did not do that to anyone else. But Bingley is not the man that the girls most interest about. The man that looks much richer and also more handsome name Stacy. That night he didn’t dance with anyone in the room and he tells to Elizabeth that all people in here are just countryside people and he doesn’t want to mess with anyone in here. Elizabeth kind of angry to Stacy with what he told her but she pretends that she doesn’t care at all. So the night is over and when all the Mr. Bunnet family arrived home Elizabeth and Jane start to talk about how fabulous and kind Bingley are and how rude and inappropriate Stacy are. So the day past and Mr. Bingley and Jane start to like each other. After a while, Mr. Bingley invites Jane to the dinner at his home. Unluckily the weather is so bad that makes Jane sicks so Elizabeth needs to go to Mr. Bingley to looks after her sister. She arrives during the raining time and she clothes soak with mud. Elizabeth visits the room that Jane stayed in and Jane tells her that she just catch a cold it okay. The dinner starts but Jane stayed upstairs and Elizabeth Mets Stacy again. Stacy notices that Elizabeth is a kind girl and have a good manner so Stacy asks Elizabeth to dances with him at the night time but Elizabeth rejects. That makes Stacy very wonder why would a countryside girl rejects such a good chance. After Jane recovers her sickness Jane and Elizabeth go back to her home. After sickness they face one problem that say a country has the laws and a town the laws as well and one of the problems that Mr. Bunnet family have is that when Mr. Bunnet dies all the property will go to the son but Mr. Bunnet has no son so they need to give it to the closest relative. The close relative man will have all the property and after that the come and visit Mr. Bunnet’s family. He stays for some days and no one sure that when will he leaves. But one thing that important is that no one like him, not the fact that he steals all the property but he is a crazy man. The man comes to the house is not about property but he wants to marry women. One thing we need to remember is that he is crazy and old. The first time he wants to make a proposal to Jane but Mrs. Bunnet tell him that she might engage soon. He asks Mrs. Bunnet about the last two daughters but Mrs. Bunnet replies back and tells him that they don’t even turn to be 18 yet. So his goal is the third but she is too serious and she doesn’t want to marry. So the last choice is Elizabeth. So the day after he makes proposal to Elizabeth and says that he doesn’t want all the property to go far always he wants it to be one of the daughter property. Elizabeth rejects the proposal after Mrs. Bunnet heard about the news she goes crazy and tells Mr. Bunnet that he needs to make Elizabeth marries him because he is rich. No matter what Mr. Bunnet hate him also so he tells Elizabeth that if she marries the man he will die much sooner. Later on there a letter from Elizabeth best friend that said she is marrying to the man that proposed to Elizabeth and the reason is that her family face a big cash problem. Not so long after that there another sad news from Bingley’s sister saying goodbye also they leave the town and go to London and don’t want to come back anytime soon. Jane turns to be sad again so she decides to go to London and find Bingley. Not a while long Elizabeth so worries so she moves to London as well. Elizabeth stays with the gardener and she meets Mr. Wickham she knew him before and he also knows about Stacy. Wickham tells her that Stacy took everything from him even a house and money and all the property. Not a while longer there is bad news about Stacy again and the news is that Stacy tries to make Bingley and Jane stay always from each other. When Elizabeth arrives London and she met Stacy. It is very unexpected moment Stacy makes a proposal to Elizabeth. And the answer is no but this time she did it much crueler than the other guy that propose her before that. Elizabeth rejects because she knows only bad part about him and she tells Stacy about all the things she know about what Stacy did wrong. After that day, Stacy left and gave a letter to Elizabeth. The letter tell about the proposal also he explain the truth. Number one is that Wickham is very tricky and untrusted person, when Stacy’s Dad died Wickham use all the property on girl and gambling and he owe to a lot of people also Stacy payed all the cash for Wickham and bring him to be a leader of army. Second thing is that first time he thinks that Jane got no love intention for Bigley so he doesn’t want his friend to be too late and feeling heartbroken so I try to make them stay always from each other. Also he admits that it is his fault. All the information that Stacy tells Elizabeth is all true everyone that know Wickham knows that. So the day past and Elizabeth just traveling around the city and somehow she passed a very big house that not in the town and it is Stacy house again. She just stays for a while their a information from people stay in the house that say our wonderful Mr. Stacy will comes back soon. When Stacy arrives Elizabeth kind of look a little differently for Stacy now. They spent some time together but there another heartbroken news that the youngest sister name Lydia ran always from home with Wickham. The purpose of Wickham is to get cash from Lydia and everyone know. Everyone are extremely worry. Not soon later there’s a letter from Lydia that say they are happily married. The gardener that Elizabeth stay with know why the two of them have a impossible married. They decide that they will tell Elizabeth that Stacy paid all the money that Wickham owe after being commander of army to other people and make the agreement that Wickham needs to marry Lydia. After that Elizabeth knows the truth and now they fall in love again so Jane, Mr. Bingley, Elizabeth and Stacy will marry on the same day. So after that Elizabeth has a wonderful live and Mrs. Bunnet dream that she wants all of her daughters to marry is nearly come true.

Theme: Love doesn’t come from classes. Ex. Elizabeth kind of poor family that has no income and Stacy like a god that have all the things but at last they marry to each other happily.
-You can’t judge a book by its cover. Ex. Elizabeth makes prediction about how bad is Stacy without know the truth.

Waste Management

Waste Management is one of the exploration that trying to work on a better solution that helps to recycle the waste in a community and in an environment. Our goal is that to recycle the organic waste into fertilizer. In the exploration we need to learn about the business plane; how to implement this idea into a real business so it can sustain. Also, we need to learn to make a good fertilizer from organic waste because if you don’t have a good product your business will bankrupt. To learn about the process of creating the fertilizer, our group went to an organization that makes fertilizer from organic waste in Battambang, Cambodia. One thing that we already did before we went to Battambang is that we already made fertilizer and we can make it by researching online.  Going to Battambang really help us to understand what we did good and what we did wrong and need to improve also we learned a lot of information about fertilizer and market for our product. Coming back to Liger and now our compost is finish so we can test it with plants and see our fertilizer quality. We know that the fertilizer is not the best but it is very good fertilizer that can use for planting.

Changing Cambodia 2016-2017


The greatest thing in your life is to have the agency no matter if you change yourself, your family or further more, your community and country and even the world. You can improve yourself and you can improve people and the situation around you to make the best outcome. All people do that in their life also me I do that in my life all the time. Now I am 15, and I made some changes to some problems that is happening in Cambodia by giving solutions to illuminate the problem. Two of the biggest things that I had done in 2017 and it have affect other people to be aware of problem are Preventative Health and Waste Management.


One of my best experience is to live  on the island and helped people in that island and that because I get to join one exploration call Preventative Health. Preventative Health is one of the explorations that occurred in Liger and this exploration made a strong effect to people that are living on the island. In this exploration, we tried to find problems that start to emerge in other places and try to alarm people in the island to be aware of it and we give some solution that help them to stay away from that health problem. We focus on one island called Koh Rong that located in Sihanoukville and we try to focus on that island because it is very far of main land and if they have problem with their health they need to take about nine hours to get to Phnom Penh (capital city of Cambodia) to get help and if they spend so long to get to Phnom Penh to get help. They might have some worst affect more than they expected and maybe the problem could take their life. So we come up with two health problem and the solution for the people that live in the island one of them is teeth problem and another one is sugar. After finding problem we learn from the other professor about the problem and how to cure it or prevent it from the problem. So we come up with one idea that can show two problem in one time and the idea is to make the play. We design our own customs and we write our own play. So the play talk about two childs that one have diabetes and one have teeth problem. So their mother tries to get help from the doctor and the suggestion is to do sport, brushing teeth and eat less sugar. We are very ready with almost all the thing we practice the play about more than 10 times and I act as bacteria and one of the reason I be a bacteria because I am the smallest. The mission start and the information is ready to share the island. We travel from PP to Koh Rong and it take about nines hours we arrive at about 3:00 at the afternoon. Our teacher have a plane to go and implement the idea into two schools one is in the iceland that we stay and on more in in the other island. Before we start teaching the other students we learn from the mentor that live in the island. We learn about the island location and places and also about the health problem. One of the OMG information is that one woman have more than half of all the teeth pulled out. So most of the problem in the island is teeth problem. Luckily we also include the teeth problem in the play. The first school that we show our plays to is the school that is very close the place that we stay. For my opinion they learn about the plays a lot and I know that because they asking question and also they laugh when we show them the part in the play that is not right to do. Also we suggest them to tell their families to be aware of the problem and also they can help with their parents, sisters, brothers, and everyone that they know and help when there is a problem. The next day come and everyone in my group ready for the next school. We show the same exact same thing but they a lot younger than the other school. The play happen but the thing is that they not really understand what is the play show about. I can say that the school less effective than the other one because they learned but they don’t really help other or they can’t really remember in long term. One of my best highlight is that my group and I not go there because of teaching the students but also to learn about the marine environment and the threat of marine life. We did scuba dive and snorkel to see the marine life. We learn about this and also in the future we can change help with the marine life and make we can to dissipate that threat to marine life. Change is very powerful and I think this exploration is one of the biggest change that very affected to many people that live in the island. Also after my group and I make the change the students will make the change after our change.


Doing one big thing that help to change Cambodia is very powerful and maybe you want to get some other chances to make more change and that when the I get another chance. As you know the world is facing big problem and it is climate change. We know that the climate and the temperature is rising up so Cambodia is one of the countries get the most affected by the climate change because our country depend on agriculture and we also deppen on raining. This year I get a interesting experience and it is joining Waste Management exploration. I believe that if we find a good solution for our country the problem will be reduce and everyone will have a better future. Our exploration is focus on making leftover organic food into compost that can use for doing agriculture. We want to focus on the compost because as our research tell that about 80% of the waste including plastic is organic waste. If we take 80% of the waste away to make compost it save about of many thing like money and environment. One thing that we need to remember is that we want to help and also make the process sustainable so we need to learn about some business. We learn what price should we sell compost for and also the the cost on expense and also the income. Also we need to be expert how to make compost that can help environment and also it help the farmer to not use a lot of chemical in their farming process. After our exploration we got our business plan done and we know how to make compost very well. If this business go well I believe that this idea will help to the environment and also it make too many people especially farmer. If you look in the bigger scale we can say that if your compost work well it will help the farmer to get better outcome and also we are the part of the climate change curer because we can help with the environment a lot.   


In conclusion change is very powerful and as I mention no matter if you change yourself, change your family or maybe change your country unless it not change toward bad thing it is powerful. I think I am one of the change to many people in Cambodia. I was 10 when I first came to Liger and since that time my life is getting more affective to many people. I did many good things that affect people to have a better understanding of the problem or improving people skills and abilities. I have two explorations that impact to many people life in good ways. One of the exploration is Preventative Health. Preventative Health is the exploration that help many people on the island that don’t have doctor and they don’t know how to stay away from the problem. We went to the island and we teach them many good things that can help them and also their families so they don’t need to have the health problem and travel about nine hours until can get proper help from professional. For me in to get to be part of the exploration I might save someone life in the future. My second impress exploration is Waste Management. I love environment around me and I want to do something with it no matter if I try and don’t have effect or even have small effect but I want to make change. In this exploration I think that it really help the environment and also help many farmers. Making waste that affect to environment and create compost the can help people around you and I think this is very brilliant idea. In the future I think this exploration will have big effect to many people and it can help the world too. I think this are the two things that I did and help my community my country and also the world. My last word is that change is very powerful if you do it right.


Game Design

There are three blocks of board game exploration and I’m in the second round.  In second block we didn’t work on finding what is the game and how it going to look like but we worked on the mechanic of the game what is the rules? what are the steps to play? How can we make it so it is learning while having fun? During that block, we created all the rule that our team thought of and implement it in the real game. It not perfect, so after the rules and steps created will play and finding an improvement to fix and develop. We ran the same trial a couple time just play and fix the problem. After found out that the game is good enough to play we took it and give the government students to play. But that time there were more problems because the students didn’t have a lot of experience playing the board game. That time we needed to work a lot harder to help them to understand the game and to fix the problem that they had also. We did a couple trial again but with the government students. After the mechanic is developed it time for a second to design pieces and make it into the real game.  

Writing Reading Kampot Festival (WRKF)

Kampot is a province in Cambodia that has a lot of beautiful place and I want to go there. Luckily one event can bring me to Kampot the event call Writing Reading Kampot Festival. The goal of event is for author to share their experience and the book that they got. My group got six members that presenting about animals in Cambodia that call Cambodia Wildlife. Our goal going to WRKF is to share what is our book about and also we want to learn about other author and book that they create. That event not only got one activity it got many different activities like art,  hip hop and other activities. After participate many activities in day time at night we enjoy street light and beauty in Kampot. The best time in Kampot is go on a ride in small ship and have the author give speech and explain about the book along the river.  On that ship we got a chance to share about our book and see many things around us.

Cooking my own food!

When we move to new senior campus, things start to get harder. We need to clean our house by our own, managing money and, cooking. The school move us to new campus because they want us to prepare of living style for living with other people when we go to university. The thing that hard and the one I like about to new campus is cooking. First we need to order. It very hard to order the food because when we order sometime we forget stuff and also sometime we order more than what we expect. I like to cook because When you are cooking their is a variety of making mistakes and their are variety of fixing it. When we are cooking some of the things that we need to do to be safe are do not leave the knife in the sink because we can’t see them, don’t hold the knife and the edge of the knife facing to other people, and the last one that I can think of, is when their an fire you need to use the fire blanket. The thing that I like about cooking is that we can make the food that we like.

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Khmer Rouge

This is the exploration that I can learn about Cambodia Genocide and it call Khmer Rouge. Khmer Rouge is one of the worst things that happen in Cambodia history.  We only focus on general idea and the thing that happen before Khmer Rouge ex: agriculture, sports, and economic. We have many trips to learn about Khmer Rouge and in that places we got a lot of information. I learn a lot about Khmer Rouge one of the worst information that I know is that about 1.7 million of people have been killed during Khmer Rouge. In addition most of people who have good education and if Khmer Rouge know they will kill you.

The last project that we do is we perform compare the daily life between kids living situation before Khmer Rouge and the kids live in Khmer Rouge, the challenge, what they do and family. We do this because we want them to have long memory about what happen before Khmer Rouge and during Khmer Rouge. It works very well because some people even crying.

We go to Court that working on Khmer Rouge genocide and what we do to high ranking people in KR.

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