Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

I am one of student 50 student in Liger learning center (LLC). LLC is very unique school that most of people in the world can’t be like us. Our goal is to change Cambodia in the future. The reality is that we already change Cambodia and a lot. For me I think a lot of think that I change is people’s behavior. When I go out people being rude and other stuff but I am being respect to them sometime they feel bad because and he maybe one to change his behavior. Two of big think that I change Cambodia is one in project-based-learning mean that when we learn about we not just listen to the teacher because people are boring and sometime they don’t want to learn. With project-based- learning when we learn about one thing we go outside explore and create a sample. One another big thing is that wildlife Guide. wildlife Guide is our exploration and we create a book call The Illustrated Guide to Cambodia Wildlife. We create that book because a lot people in Cambodia they can’t learn about animal and they don’t know how important is, if they know they will care about each species of wildlife. Another thing is that a lot of people can’t see the real wildlife how they look like what they eat when we create this book people in Cambodia will know more about Wildlife

Preventative Health

When I grow up I don’t want to be a doctor but this exploration give me a chance to experience it. This exploration we have a goal to help to prevent people from some health problem. We focus on healthy eating and dental problem. Before we we teach other people to eat healthy and take care of the teeth we need to learn about it too. We learn from internet, doctors, and organisation. We combined dental problem and healthy eating to make one play. In the play we got many characters and they got out fit too. There are bacteria, water, vegetable, and some other. I am a bacteria and I got to design my own outfit. The play talk about one boy and one girl not take care of there health so they got health problem. So they need to learn from doctor to become healthier. Get have product to share about dental and healthy eating but where do we share them? My teacher deside to go to Koh Rong because it an island and they are have very hard time with their health problem and also they got no professional doctors on the island. So nearly the end of the exploration we went there to teach them. The thing that I like the most about the trip is that we not only go there to teach also we learn. We learn about live style and also marine live. We teach to two school, it was great and fun they are friendly and also they seem to focus to what we trying to tell. On the trip I got chance to scupper dive, snookering and swing. We snooker to see  sea grasses, and coral reefs. My favorite animals is octopus and sea horse, they look amazing. So at the last day everyone not so happy because they need to come back to our school Liger. I miss Koh Rong but I still feel good coming back to Liger and see my friend again.

DJI_0037 DJI_0025


Here is my second round exploration call entrepreneurship. We divided into three teams and my team call market research. We do many research in this group but the main thing that we research about is bottle. In the group we try to research bottle where it is and how can we get it. Then we try to research where is in Cambodia. The result is no bottle factory in Cambodia or we can’t even buy any bottle in Cambodia to packaging our products. Then we try to find the business that use the bottle to packaging their products. We find the company call Coco Khmer. This company they sell coconuts oil and some other staff from coconuts. Then we go and interview, we find very good information. We find were they get it from, how they get it here also we find out the price of some of the bottles. Then after that our teacher go to Thailand where the shop is and he come back with 12 samples. Then in Sharation we ask the visitor to give us some idea witch one look nice to package the chili sauce.

Prodction     Chili Sauce!!!!!



I use to be in robotic before and now I do it again. This robotic for me it special then the first robotic first time. One reason is that this exploration we choose by our own and we decide what should we do. The last reason is that I am the mentor including three other people and I can teach other student. In this exploration the sad thing is that student can go to Singapore competition including one mentor but very find I still like it. Mentors teach them how to build and program and some other strategy. They did very well in class and going to Singapore. In class they can create the project very well and they to the robot challenge very too. Then they went to Singapore the result very well and the students are very happy.

IMG_20160305_075652 IMG_20160305_075742



VIP it is exploration that stand for Visitor Information Palest and  we make it from. In our group we work a lot in designing our Liger map including our news campus. We design it in 3D design. It very hard to design but let least we can learn it from the teacher in expertise. We divided in four groups and we design the building and do other staff. We spent almost all the time in our exploration makng the building it very hard as I mention, trust me. Then some people design the VIP room by painting and some people organizing what going to go in our VIP. In VIP room talk generally about Liger and also we guide the visitor when they come to our Sharation.


In my school all the students are Cambodian and we can speak English very well but our pronunciation are not so good. Then our teacher create the expertise call Pronunciation that help us to pronoun English better and better. I have very good luck because I can join that expertise two time a week. In this expertise we have three main rules when we speaking in public are speaker clearer, louder and slower. That is the three that can help us to be better at speaking English and pronunciation.

Trip to Kep

On Thursday we went to Kep and we went all teacher and student also a lot other stuff. We went their just want to have fun all together but it cost a lot of money. On the bus we have a lot of fun by singing and seeing beautiful green environment also a lot of people are sleeping almost from Phnom Penh to Kep. All students leave at mind day to go to Kep and we arrived in afternoon. Then we hiked up to the valley to the guest house about one Kilometer from the bus. When we arrived the guest house that in the middle of the forest we park our staff and we relax. In that guest house we don’t have electricity and we need to prepare our bed earlier because it hard to prepare when it dark. That evening we are very lucky because our dinner is pasta and I think it my favorite food. Then after dinner we played some football and we go to sleep. On Friday some people woke up a little bit early because some of us want to play football some people just walk around also we taking a shower early. Then we have breakfast and we come all student together to met about what we going to do. The day after we do many activities he learn about many things and we hike on the mountain what fun about hiking is that the group we need to do some of challenge of win ex: finding treasures. In that day we have fun and we also learn a lot about forest and ecosystem around us when we hiking. The last day is we make up and we travel to one small ice land call Rabbit Ice land. When we arrive we very enjoy of swimming and playing in beach.

DSC_2541 DSC_2562




Here is the my exploration name STEM and it the fourth round exploration. In STEM we work with project-based leaning group to implement our project-based learning (PBL) to government school. In class we learn some about PBL and create our own definition also we translate it to Khmer. This how we can implement PBL project to: first our teacher go to Kratie to ask how many teacher interesting in our PBL project. Their four teachers in high school that are interesting to PBL project but they request one thing that when we do our PBL project they want it to relate to their learning curriculum right now. Then our Liger teachers and government teacher decided to choose four topic. There are physic, biology, women right in society, and history. I am in physic (the teacher divide the team )and we talk about potential and kinetic energy that are relate to grade 8 curriculum right now. In my group we got teacher to teach us to get more understanding about our main point. Then we research what are some of our main idea relate to real life. Then we come up with some idea like swing shot, pendulum, and some other stuff. Then we went to Kratie with PBL group and project evaluation group. Then we go to high school and we implemented our PBL project by using the main point for example: our physics project, how can we use the project follow PBL learning not just by learning in the class.

Here are some picture when we in Kratie High School.

DSC_0169 DSC_0196

STEM competition

20151022_10265920151022_103822On Thursday, October 22 we won STEM competition. In our group we have five people. We have compete last time is built the boat that can float and can keep the most marble. We have two time to make the boat first for 15 minutes and that one just for practices. The second we got 30 minutes and we got in last nine team in STEM competition. We are so happy and exited. On the way back home we talk a little bit what we can improve and what we did good. On 22 October 7:45 am we leave Liger and we arrive there at about 9:00 am. First is team mini game competition build the building, use balloon to make cup fall and etc. The last competition is build anything that go from end of the cardboard to another end you can build any kind you want. The end we win because we use creative idea by make a kind of roller coaster go one step to other step and we get more point how it wok too. One more reason is we got a lot of team work.




Going to Singapore

DSC_0742 (800x531)
AT airport

I was immediately so happy when I heard that I would go Singapore! The big reason why we went to Singapore is because my group wanted to join a robot competition. Soon I pictured Singapore. In my mind I saw the ocean around Singapore and it was so beautiful and the city had a lot of tall buildings.DSC_0955 (531x800)


DSC_1052 (800x531)
When I started to go on the airplane I was so happy and nervous because it was my first time to go on a plane. On the airplane I had five more friends and three teachers. I felt nervous because it was very high in the air and I thought, “If I fall off, what should I do?” On the airplane I played some minecraft and talked about what we were going to do in Singapore. Also, I asked some questions to my teacher, like  “Can I go to the sea or the playground?” but my teacher Max said, “I don’t think so.”

In Singapore airport

When I arrived in Singapore I felt so happy because the roads in Singapore are so beautiful. When we looked out of the taxi we saw the buildings and a lot of cars. Singapore has a lot of technology, like the robots in the airport that can talk by themselves and the train that can drive by itself.

In Singapore American school
In Singapore American school

We went to the Singapore American School because we wanted to learn more about  lego robotics. The students at Singapore American School taught us about the robot and shared about some competitions that they had done and some challenges that they had had. They tried very hard to explain some of their challenges to you. In Singapore American School I learned some robot programming that was very new to me and I tried some challenges that were hard for my team, like getting the people into any red place and making the houses higher than before.



The day before I competition we went to a museum. It was so amazing in the Singapore Science Museum.  For example, there was a ball that are always moving around the museum.  After I went to the museum I went to lunch and I could try other food, like fried noodles with only pepper, pizza and bread with strawberries.When I met my host family for the first time I felt a little bit nervous and I did not say anything to my host family. The only thing is, I needed to stay five days with my host family. At night I talked a little bit about Liger to my host family because I learned what they like and what they don’t like. At midnight, I played some games with the kids in my host family, like fantasy football, row the boat and  baseball.

photo (2)


The first time at the competition my friends and I just went and tried to see if the robot was working or not. Then the next day we went for the real competition. The first thing we needed to do was present to the coaches about why we made that kind of robot. Then we took our robot to the competition table and our robot could move its hand up and down and  right to left. The robot needed to do a lot of things, like push the car to the red area, take the pet to the house and go across the hill.  

DSC_1810 (800x531)


On our last day we went to the clean water organization and boat hotel.  We also went to eat lunch on a hill in Singapore. When it was night time we went to the Singapore Zoo. At the zoo I could see lions, tigers, elephants and other animals. In the the zoo, I felt a little bit scared because I saw some alligators open their mouths at me and my host family. Then I went into the house of the fruit bats.

DSC_1968 (800x531)

DSC_0762 (800x531)
UWC (United World College) is a school that has about 4000 students. UWC teaches many subjects. The thing that I liked in UWC was the library. It has more than 1000 books.


I felt a little bit sad when I was on the plane on my way back to Cambodia because I missed my host family, but I told myself, “Don’t be sad of changing because in your life there is always change.’’ Then I felt better and I could learn, “In life you are not always happy but you can’t let sad feelings stop you.”