Changing Cambodia

When I came to Liger Learning Certer  school (LLC) I have been worked on a lot of things that changes Cambodia people. What I think that I change the people a lot in Cambodia is how the people talking, people acting, thinking, playing, tell people news things, help people to understand other things,  and other more. How I change is when I have the trip and meet new people when they do something that I think I can change I tell them. If they agree with I will explain them what is is good to do and which is not. Sometime I will teach some people about other things like animals,about other countries and some about Liger school. The best for me to change Cambodia is reducing rubbish.

Animals guild

I  have been in animal guild what I did was researched about the animals. We have a lot of trip to a lot of place to learned animals from expert. We so focus and we have lot of commitment. Our group created one book about ecology it have about 84  species. How can we made this book. We have 13 students to researched and about 45 students paint. Before we painted the people who researched need to tell the characteristic and habitat. All people in painting needed to practiced learned how to draw and paint. Now we have one book name Cambodia Animals Guild.