Changing Cambodia 2016-2017


The greatest thing in your life is to have the agency no matter if you change yourself, your family or further more, your community and country and even the world. You can improve yourself and you can improve people and the situation around you to make the best outcome. All people do that in their life also me I do that in my life all the time. Now I am 15, and I made some changes to some problems that is happening in Cambodia by giving solutions to illuminate the problem. Two of the biggest things that I had done in 2017 and it have affect other people to be aware of problem are Preventative Health and Waste Management.


One of my best experience is to live  on the island and helped people in that island and that because I get to join one exploration call Preventative Health. Preventative Health is one of the explorations that occurred in Liger and this exploration made a strong effect to people that are living on the island. In this exploration, we tried to find problems that start to emerge in other places and try to alarm people in the island to be aware of it and we give some solution that help them to stay away from that health problem. We focus on one island called Koh Rong that located in Sihanoukville and we try to focus on that island because it is very far of main land and if they have problem with their health they need to take about nine hours to get to Phnom Penh (capital city of Cambodia) to get help and if they spend so long to get to Phnom Penh to get help. They might have some worst affect more than they expected and maybe the problem could take their life. So we come up with two health problem and the solution for the people that live in the island one of them is teeth problem and another one is sugar. After finding problem we learn from the other professor about the problem and how to cure it or prevent it from the problem. So we come up with one idea that can show two problem in one time and the idea is to make the play. We design our own customs and we write our own play. So the play talk about two childs that one have diabetes and one have teeth problem. So their mother tries to get help from the doctor and the suggestion is to do sport, brushing teeth and eat less sugar. We are very ready with almost all the thing we practice the play about more than 10 times and I act as bacteria and one of the reason I be a bacteria because I am the smallest. The mission start and the information is ready to share the island. We travel from PP to Koh Rong and it take about nines hours we arrive at about 3:00 at the afternoon. Our teacher have a plane to go and implement the idea into two schools one is in the iceland that we stay and on more in in the other island. Before we start teaching the other students we learn from the mentor that live in the island. We learn about the island location and places and also about the health problem. One of the OMG information is that one woman have more than half of all the teeth pulled out. So most of the problem in the island is teeth problem. Luckily we also include the teeth problem in the play. The first school that we show our plays to is the school that is very close the place that we stay. For my opinion they learn about the plays a lot and I know that because they asking question and also they laugh when we show them the part in the play that is not right to do. Also we suggest them to tell their families to be aware of the problem and also they can help with their parents, sisters, brothers, and everyone that they know and help when there is a problem. The next day come and everyone in my group ready for the next school. We show the same exact same thing but they a lot younger than the other school. The play happen but the thing is that they not really understand what is the play show about. I can say that the school less effective than the other one because they learned but they don’t really help other or they can’t really remember in long term. One of my best highlight is that my group and I not go there because of teaching the students but also to learn about the marine environment and the threat of marine life. We did scuba dive and snorkel to see the marine life. We learn about this and also in the future we can change help with the marine life and make we can to dissipate that threat to marine life. Change is very powerful and I think this exploration is one of the biggest change that very affected to many people that live in the island. Also after my group and I make the change the students will make the change after our change.


Doing one big thing that help to change Cambodia is very powerful and maybe you want to get some other chances to make more change and that when the I get another chance. As you know the world is facing big problem and it is climate change. We know that the climate and the temperature is rising up so Cambodia is one of the countries get the most affected by the climate change because our country depend on agriculture and we also deppen on raining. This year I get a interesting experience and it is joining Waste Management exploration. I believe that if we find a good solution for our country the problem will be reduce and everyone will have a better future. Our exploration is focus on making leftover organic food into compost that can use for doing agriculture. We want to focus on the compost because as our research tell that about 80% of the waste including plastic is organic waste. If we take 80% of the waste away to make compost it save about of many thing like money and environment. One thing that we need to remember is that we want to help and also make the process sustainable so we need to learn about some business. We learn what price should we sell compost for and also the the cost on expense and also the income. Also we need to be expert how to make compost that can help environment and also it help the farmer to not use a lot of chemical in their farming process. After our exploration we got our business plan done and we know how to make compost very well. If this business go well I believe that this idea will help to the environment and also it make too many people especially farmer. If you look in the bigger scale we can say that if your compost work well it will help the farmer to get better outcome and also we are the part of the climate change curer because we can help with the environment a lot.   


In conclusion change is very powerful and as I mention no matter if you change yourself, change your family or maybe change your country unless it not change toward bad thing it is powerful. I think I am one of the change to many people in Cambodia. I was 10 when I first came to Liger and since that time my life is getting more affective to many people. I did many good things that affect people to have a better understanding of the problem or improving people skills and abilities. I have two explorations that impact to many people life in good ways. One of the exploration is Preventative Health. Preventative Health is the exploration that help many people on the island that don’t have doctor and they don’t know how to stay away from the problem. We went to the island and we teach them many good things that can help them and also their families so they don’t need to have the health problem and travel about nine hours until can get proper help from professional. For me in to get to be part of the exploration I might save someone life in the future. My second impress exploration is Waste Management. I love environment around me and I want to do something with it no matter if I try and don’t have effect or even have small effect but I want to make change. In this exploration I think that it really help the environment and also help many farmers. Making waste that affect to environment and create compost the can help people around you and I think this is very brilliant idea. In the future I think this exploration will have big effect to many people and it can help the world too. I think this are the two things that I did and help my community my country and also the world. My last word is that change is very powerful if you do it right.


Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

I am one of student 50 student in Liger learning center (LLC). LLC is very unique school that most of people in the world can’t be like us. Our goal is to change Cambodia in the future. The reality is that we already change Cambodia and a lot. For me I think a lot of think that I change is people’s behavior. When I go out people being rude and other stuff but I am being respect to them sometime they feel bad because and he maybe one to change his behavior. Two of big think that I change Cambodia is one in project-based-learning mean that when we learn about we not just listen to the teacher because people are boring and sometime they don’t want to learn. With project-based- learning when we learn about one thing we go outside explore and create a sample. One another big thing is that wildlife Guide. wildlife Guide is our exploration and we create a book call The Illustrated Guide to Cambodia Wildlife. We create that book because a lot people in Cambodia they can’t learn about animal and they don’t know how important is, if they know they will care about each species of wildlife. Another thing is that a lot of people can’t see the real wildlife how they look like what they eat when we create this book people in Cambodia will know more about Wildlife

Changing Cambodia 2014-2015

In my school call Liger Learning Center we have our big goal is to change Cambodia in future. Anyway, we are already change Cambodia a lot how people learn and some of the things help with there knowledge and there future. One of the biggest thing that I did and it is make a lot of change in Cambodia is Animals Guide. Animals Guide is the group with thirteen students and we wrote information about animals that almost extinct in Cambodia(Tiger, elephant, and some other animals). Some of the basic steps are first we pick the species and we research about that species information, also there are about  100 species of animal and some of ecosystem(forest like, evergreen forest). We also have trip to interview people that are expect with animals. When we research we paint the animals that we get support from Art In Box. The last thing is we need to translate from English to Khmer because we want Cambodian students to learn about the animals. When we public it hard for student to buy there own books so we print the books, mugs, shirts and some other stuff to sell in big event. All the money that we get from the profit of selling products to print the books for the students that don’t have enough ability to have money to buy the books. The final book name is An Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia.