Advanced Enrichments

This year I have studied:

Name of Course – Psychology

Learning Facilitator: Caroline

Course Description: This course will act as a hands-on, experiment and discussion based introduction to basic psychology. We will explore various topics that are engaging and fun, using videos, research-based text and experimentation. What role does psychology play in advertising and branding? How do people and/or animals act when they have been rewarded or punished? How is this used in our own school and community to influence behavior? Students will evaluate the role of psychology in their own patterns of behavior and learn how to be more critical consumers of material goods and information. In essence, this course aims to expose students to new and exciting facts, people and historically relevant data, while getting them excited about the scope of psychology in their own lives.

Name of Course: Algebra B

Learning Facilitator: Jeff B.

Course Description:

This course reinforces arithmetic skills, developing the pre-algebra concepts of variable recognition, signed numbers, formulas and single variable equations. Students will be introduced to algebraic symbolism, simplifying expressions, solutions to elementary equations, and the graphic representations associated with variables.

Name of Course – Human History

Learning Facilitator: Max

Course Description: This course covers human evolutionary history.  It emphasizes the power of time, collective learning and evolution. The course will draw heavily from resources provided by the big history project. Students begin by looking at how their time on earth compares with the time humans have been on earth. They then look at evolutionary mechanisms, primates and the great apes. The students end the course looking at early humans and neanderthals.

Days of the Week: Monday and Tuesday

Name of Course – Khmer History

Learning Facilitator: Darath/Kimchhel

Course Description:This class is designed for students who have little knowledge of Khmer history or who have never taken it before. We begin with the elementary concept of history, continue to deeper understanding and end with analysis. It also provides discussion of recent issues for the students in order to overview the modern world and do the comparison with the causes and effects that are derived from the historical views. It is hoped that through reading and classroom discussion, each students will be able to arrive at his or her own understanding of some of the fundamental issues that underpin the history. Last but by no means least, students will have a chance to transfer what have learned from the first Khmer Advanced Enrichment Class and what they are going to learn from the second into the blog.

Days of the Week: Monday and Tuesday


Name of Course – Introduction to War

Learning Facilitator: Kimchhel

Course Description: This course is designed particularly for the students who have little knowledge of the war concept. Some of the fundamental events at the world level will be included into this courses. it will be started with the definition of war, the reason behind and consequences of war, types of wars and go on to World War I, II, Cold World and last but not least to the function of United Nations. Moreover, all the students will be assigned some researched tasks in order to deepen and broaden their understanding about the world. It is hoped that through researching and classroom discussion, each and every one will reach the maximum comprehension of the war and

Days of the Week: Monday and Tuesday

Days of the Week: Thurs/Fri

Name of Course – Wilson

Learning Facilitator: Caroline

Course Description: A sequential, syllable-based phonics program that builds students’ decoding and encoding skills through a specialized system of lessons and steps. Students master one component before moving on to the next, integrating each concept entirely.

Days of the Week: Group One – Monday/Tuesday; Group Two – Thursday/Friday


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