Camkids Survey

March 4th, a group more than a dozen students from Liger went to Kampong Speu to do interviewed to quantify the quality of people live before and after Camkids made. In this exploration, we want to learn how to create a survey and analyze data in a formal way. Our first goal to do a survey on is Camkids and its community.  We made many questions to qualify the quality of life in Camkids and some other community and the questions a divided into 6 section: income and expense, loan, Saving group, education, and health&nutrition. Our plan is to do 100 surveys and one survey take about 40 minutes. Due to the time limit of our group (an exploration group of 7 members) recruited around 7 to 8 more students, and we did 100 survey and still, have a lot of time left. Everyone did around 5-7 survey and it took around 5-6 hours in three villages. After finish more than 100 surveys we came back and arrive school around 7:00 PM. The day after we input the answer into the spreadsheet and it took us a week. We finally did it but except we need to analyze the data. So our last step is to analyze and write a good/formal paper.  

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