Frisbee in Kep

It was wonderful. And it was my first time to play Frisbee on a beach. And it was gracious time because our school had a Christmas break. 13 students from Liger and about 40 others participated in the event. He slept in the tents on a beach and we stayed in Kep for two days. We went on a bus and we arrived in Kep at around 1:00 PM. Our first day we played frisbee from 3:00 until around 9:30 after playing we need to find our own dinner and we ate fried ducks with rice. We stayed until 1:00 AM but we don’t feel tired because we were chatting and playing card. The morning was waiting and the tide of the sea raised about one meter it messed some tents but luckily not our. He found ourself food and at 8:00 AM we start to play. And the event end at around 11:00 AM and it time for us to go back to where we came from. It was really fun playing frisbee with friends and also finding new friends on the beach at the same time I had a lot of challenges like running on sand, the sand too hot, playing a really long time and you need to get yourself fed before you play frisbee. And if I have a chance I would love to be a part of this event again. again.

Sunset time!!
Group photo

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